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Bachelor's in Germany(Studienkolleg)

Posted By: Bhargavi  | Post on: 2023-05-26T08:14:34.369Z  |  Reading Time: 30 min
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The institution where the preparatory course is held at and as well as for the course itself. These academic bridging courses prepare university applicants for a degree program at a German university.

The Studienkolleg normally runs for one year (two semesters) and ends with a university qualification exam, the so-called “Feststellungsprüfung”(exam to assess the qualification of international student applicants for entering studies at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany).

Students will visit classes depending on their planned studies as well as the German language. The objective is to equip students with general and specialist competencies as well as language proficiency essential for successfully completing a (German) degree program.

Requirements for and application at a Studienkolleg:

  1. Higher education entrance qualification
  2. School leaving certificate.
  3. Curriculum Vitae(Resume)
  4. Copy of Valid Passport/ID Proof.
  5. Passport size Offical Photograph.
  6. Application Form(Need to be filled)

Step-by-step Process:

Students need to prepare for all prerequisites to apply to the Studienkolleg program.
Prerequisites for the visa are proof of financial resources (most of the time a blocked account) and sufficient health insurance coverage.

  • Need to arrange all the basic documents as mentioned in the requirements.
  • Student needs to write an entrance test for checking eligibility to get admission to the Studienkolleg program.
  • Prepare for the Mathematical Entrance test -
    Syllabus - Basic Algebra: Fractions, Exponents, roots, Factoring, absolute value -- simplifying expressions, solving equations and inequalities, systems of equations, sketching lines, parabolas, and other basic functions(root functions, exponential functions, Logarithmic functions,..) Trigonometry --Finding other Trigonometric Ratios if one Ratio is given.
  • After Qualifying in the entrance test, the student gets the Offer letter for the Studienkolleg program.
  • Students need to pay the First Installment of Tuition Fees, the next installment based on the last dates as informed by the University.
  • Need to start the process for the visa without any Delay.
  1. Book the Visa Appointment.
  2. Prepare and attend the Visa Interview.
  3. Need to submit the Documents for visa stamping.

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