How to Book a Visa Slot for Germany?

Posted By: Bhargavi | Post on: Jul 18, 2022, 6:56:32 AM | Reading Time: 20 min

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How to Book VISA Slot for Studienkollege Student VISA for Germany?

Bachelors in Germany

if you're going for Studienkollege then follow the following process:

  • Book an Appointment for Chennai Embassy -> email id- [email protected]
  • After email & Call request for the appointment, will get a reply in 2 weeks.
  • Then before 2 days of the appointment, you need to take a DD(Demand Draft) of the Exact amount (not less or higher allowed) for the Visa appointment fees(no cash allowed).
  • Need to carry the Documents required in the checklist along with a Blocked account created.
  • Need to visit the Visa embassy Center at least 1 hour before.
  • After the Interview, the process for Visa stamping is in 3 -12 weeks (or 4-12 weeks). Max if everything is ok in 3 weeks.
  • Need to book an appointment again to visit the VFS for the stamping process.
    Email ID: [email protected]
    After checking our Documents and asking questions, they give the Reference number by taking the passport, then they will send it to the embassy for stamping.
    After visa stamping in VFS - it will be delivered in 1 week to collect and book the flight tickets.

How to write an email to VFS?

Respected Sir/ Mam,
I am First and Last Name. I would like to book an appointment for a "long-term student visa" at the German Application center, Hyderabad/Chennai. As I fall under Chennai Jurisdiction so I am eligible to apply to both Chennai VFS Center and Hyderabad VFS Center.

Looking for Jan 2023 slot.
The following are the details:

  1. Given name(As per the passport)
  2. Surname(As per Passport)
  3. Sex(Gender)
  4. Date of Birth-
  5. Passport Number-
  6. Passport Issue Date-
  7. Passport Expiry Date-
  8. Passport Issue Place -Hyderabad.
  9. Current Location -
  10. Nationality -
  11. Visa Type -
  12. Email ID
  13. Mobile number -
  14. Desired Location - 1stpreference is Hyderabad if not available Chennai is also fine for me.
  15. Desired Visa Appointment Month- January 2023.
    early as possible.

Please book the slot.

Thanks & Regards,